In His Presence Groups – CTF

In His Presence Vision

Carol & myself, along with Duncan & Kate Smith, Steve & Sandra Long, Jeremy & Connie Sinnott, and our team are convinced that first you are called to fulfill the Great Commandment; to love God and second, each of you is called to fulfill the Great Commission, Matthew 28:16-18. You believe that every person is called to be a carrier of revival; and you want everyone to change this world by doing what Jesus did and joining with you to walk in God’s love and give it away.

With this in mind you have a vision that puts receiving from and listening to God right at the top of our priorities! Our desire is to see people in all the nations of the world soaking and receiving the Presence of God and then giving it away to their communities, reaching the world with Jesus. As you sit in and soak in His Presence you are changed. As a result our families are changed, our communities are changed and you reach the world with Jesus!  John Arnott

In His Presence Groups/Centers

In His Presence Groups (IHP Groups/Centers) are simply places where you invite God to come touch and love on His people, with no human agenda.

In His Presence Groups/Centers facilitate the presence of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit through anointed soaking music and waiting in His Presence—so the presence of His Love has freedom to do whatever He wants. He wants to love you to health and well-being for your whole body, soul and spirit.

There is an increase in His Presence when you come together in one place to be with Him. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, I am there in the midst of them. Matt. 18:19.  He never fails to show up when you come together and ask Him to.

Purpose of In His Presence Groups/Centers

The purpose of  In His Presence Groups/Centers is to provide a place where the Presence of God is cultivated so Father God can touch you with His love by

  • Encounters with the Father Heart of God
  • Being immersed in the love, grace & Presence of God
  • Pursuing intimacy with God through soaking in His Presence
  • Empowered by soaking up and in His love to walk in His love 

Five Elements of In His Presence Groups/Centers

There are different ways of conducting an In His Presence Group/Center.  You are going to have to figure out, based on your gifting, what works best for you.  What is key is an understanding of the five common elements that comprise an IHP Group/Center and make it a unique experience of God’s love.

The first element is a “soaking environment” that sets the stage for spending time with the Father, Son & Holy Spirit.  A soaking environment includes subdued lighting, soft soaking music playing and an emphasis of the Father’s love, intimacy, and the presence of God.  There needs to be enough room for people to lie down on the floor, comfortable chairs, etc., and care should be taken that there is nothing in the room that will distract from soaking. Anointed soaking music is a real key to this environment and the music should be chosen with sensitivity to the intimate atmosphere you are creating.

The second element is having a bulk of the group time spent “soaking” in His Presence so that this is a time for Him to show up with His Presence and His love.

The third element is to have at least one to two people ministering “soaking” to the other members of the group during this soaking time.

The fourth element is on-going relational sharing on intimacy with God.  This can be sharing portions of intimacy/devotional books, scriptures on intimacy, revelations received, etc.

The fifth element is the need for fellowship and connecting.  People have a need to connect, so you will want to make time, after soaking, for people to talk, interact, have a fellowship time, etc.  This could be done by asking for testimonies after the soaking time, and then breaking for fellowship.

Suggested Format of In His Presence Groups/Centers

Keeping these 5 elements in mind, a suggested format would be:

  • Have a pre-soak time before you open the doors, we would recommend an hour. You and your ministry team can get pre-soaked, soak one another and/or pray together right before you open.
  • Open the meeting with a time of welcoming the Holy Spirit, Father God and Jesus to come and love on the people, with the soaking music playing.
  • If you are comfortable with doing it, you could share briefly—10 to 15 minutes maximum recommended—about His love, intimacy, soaking, His Presence.  Share something that sets the atmosphere and gives people a focus on His love.  It is best if you do this over the soaking music, and people can be already soaking while you are sharing. If you are not comfortable doing this, just start off soaking.
  • Then have an extended time of soaking.  Let whoever is soaking people go around every 15-20 minutes and soak everyone for 2 or 3 minutes each (through the laying on of hands gently, with the intent of helping folks go deeper into His presence).
  • End soaking around 8:30 pm for any testimonies or things people would like to share.